Book Review by Nicki Truesdell

Book Review & Giveaway by Nicki Truesdell


If you’ve been wanting to learn more about College Without the Campus and the topics it covers, check out this new book review from Nicki Truesdell. She explains how she and her family view college and then summarizes each section of the book. My favorite quote from the review is her thoughts about the later chapters of the book:

“Chapters 12 and 13 address concerns about socialization and credentials, as well as life after college. As a homeschool parent, I love her perspective on the socialization issue. Since Hillary’s goal was to earn a degree, college wasn’t meant to be an “experience,” but rather a focused time of learning. I wholeheartedly agree with her.”


You can enter to win one of two copies of College Without the Campus at Nicki Truesdell’s website: The giveaway is open now through April 7th, 2017.

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