Here are a few of the resources for off-campus learners that I found helpful:



Official College Board Website

REA CLEP Preparation Study Guides

InstantCert Flashcards


Official DSST Website

Peterson’s Practice Tests

InstantCert Flashcards


Accelerated Distance Learning by Brad Voeller

College (Un)Bound by Jeffrey Selingo

Dear Millennial, by Chelann Gienger

Homeschooling for College Credit by Jennifer Cook-DeRosa

The One World Schoolhouse by Salman Khan


The Chronicle of Higher Education’s College Completion

Homeschooling for College Credit’s homepage and Facebook page




One thought on “Resources

  1. Hillary Harshman says:

    A student in an effective studying class sent me a list of resources gathered from a variety of college websites. The list includes study tools, time management strategies, and subject-specific tips. You can find these resources here:
    Study Tips and Resources for College Students
    One of my favorites? Number 6 from Time Tips: “There is always enough time for the important things.”
    Thanks, Lina! ☺

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