College Without the Campus

As the cost of college rises, more and more students are taking on debt to finance their education. This debt can delay post-college goals such as buying a home, taking a vacation, or starting a family. In short, college debt becomes a burden.

How about a way to earn college credit on your own schedule with no debt while learning in the environment of your choice?

Impossible? I thought so, until…

Credit-by-exam Tests ◄ • • • • • • •

Following in the footsteps of Brad Voeller, distance learning advocate and author of Accelerated Distance Learning, I began earning college credit by using credit-by-exam tests. These tests function in the same way as testing out of a class or taking an AP course in high school. Students use these tests to earn their general education credits to later transfer to their college, gain credit for their workplace experience, and even earn their entire degree off-campus.

Why Did I Decide to Write This Book? ◄ • • • • • • •

In 2012, I earned my bachelor’s degree in social sciences from Thomas Edison State University for $10,000. After I graduated, I began compiling the resources that had helped me earn my degree. I had spent four years learning how to save money, earn credit without debt, and, most importantly, how to learn. When people I met asked me about my college experience, I could see a need to explain in longform how they could use these same techniques.

What Topics Are Covered in College Without the Campus? ◄ • • • • • • •

College Without the Campus walks the reader through taking credit-by-exam tests such as CLEP and DSST. I also describe how this style of testing differs from online courses. Other topics that I cover are how to choose a college, deal with procrastination, and maintain the positive social aspects of college while off-campus. I also describe how this style of testing differs from online courses.Contents

Reviews ◄ • • • • • • •

“A marvelous job of simplifying the best way to earn your college degree debt free! It’s a must read for all college-bound teens and their parents. Thanks, Hillary, for giving hope and guidance to the next generation of college students!”
Brad Voeller, author of Accelerated Distance Learning
“The book was professionally written and very informative. The author discussed different tests to take and different ways to get credit for classes. She also discussed other ways of paying for college if you don’t want to shell out a large amount of money. This method can be pursued by using grants, scholarships, etc. I loved the degree plan section, so that you can map out your specific plan and put it to use. She shares a vast number of ways to save money with distance learning. If you are looking to learn and save money at the same time, this book is for you! I learned helpful methods that would have helped me save money. Now that I am working on my second master’s degree, I have already spent too much money in government loans. I should have had this book instead to help me learn more effectively.”
– Enjoli Baker, Research Coordinator at New Heights Educational Group
“Chapters 3-6 go into detail about CLEP, DSST, and “credit by exam.” This is the jackpot in the book right here. The information that others tell you is available — it’s all listed right here. Every prep test, study guide, website, and online forum are listed, with a helpful description and review of each. I’ve read websites, Facebook pages, and books that didn’t give all the helpful info that Hillary gives.”
– Nicki Truesdell, homeschooling mom & blogger at

Where to Find ◄ • • • • • • •

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