Tuesday Tip: Building a Support Network in College

Whether you’re planning to attend college in a new town, go to community college or take credit-by-exam tests like CLEP, surrounding yourself with a group of mentors can help you achieve your goals and guide you during college.

For more information about how to create this network, see Chapter 8: Where to Go for Help in College Without the Campus.

You can find more Tuesday Tip videos about lifelong learning and the millennial life on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUu4KrpBnEg3dDTwhYwXBfw

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College Without Hillary Harshman and Chelann Giengerthe Campus and Dear Millennial,

Finding Your Purpose & Affordable College

Millennials: Want to create a path to your goals and stay motivated during the journey? Come to Auntie’s Bookstore and meet peers Chelann Gienger and Hillary Harshman. Chelann is 21 years old and has been running her own brick-and-mortar business for three years! Hillary earned her bachelor’s degree for less than $10,000 by skipping the campus and earning credit while in high school. They will share how they stayed motivated to pursue their passions and reach their business and education goals. There will also be a raffle for a $25 Auntie’s Bookstore gift card.

Their book event is at Auntie’s on Thursday, March 15 from 7-8pm. You can find details at Auntie’s events page.

For more about Chelann, see https://www.chelanngienger.com/dear-millennial. To learn about Hillary’s college journey, visit http://hillaryharshman.com/college-without-the-campus/.

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Living Education: Parent Powered! Spring 2018

All about Group Learning with Living Education Journal

Encouraging Self-Directed Learning, One Spoonful at a Time

I’m excited to be a contributor to the spring edition of Living Education Journal. This issue focuses on parent-led group learning. I discuss how I took more responsibility for my learning starting in elementary school. You’ll also find a fantastic article about writing poems as a group via video chat, a fun painting craft, and ways to foster empathy in your children.

To view the spring edition of Living Education, visit: https://www.flipsnack.com/9AFAAD97C6F/living-education-spring-2018-parent-powered.html.

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Successful Dropout Podcast and Interview

Thanks to a visit with a new friend at my recent book signing, I was asked to do an interview on the Successful Dropout podcast! The host is Kylon Gienger, a young entrepreneur who shares tools for young adults wanting to skip college and go straight to entrepreneurship. Kylon invited me on his show to bring a different perspective for the years right after high school graduation, especially for those listeners who plan to go to college.

Not only did I have a blast chatting with Kylon about some of the techniques that I share in my book to earn a $15,000 bachelor’s degree in two years, but I was also inspired by his story and the stories from the Successful Dropout community: a group of people who want to better their lives and the lives of those around them.

My favorite quote from the episode is Kylon talking about how to know when you’re on the right track—how to know that you’re living to your full potential. We were discussing how each of us had found the courage to choose and follow a non-traditional path after high school: Kylon dropping out of college and me deciding to study off campus. Kylon says,

“Some of the best experiences you’ll ever have in life are the things that you were once afraid to do. … If you’re feeling just a little bit of fear, you’re probably doing what you’re supposed to be doing.”

I’ve listened to three other interviews that Kylon has done, including the episode with his sister Chelann, and I learned something from all three. I hope today’s podcast will inspire you to grow, to find mentors who push you, and, as we talked about in the interview, to just not worry so much. 🙂

Successful Dropout: http://successfuldropout.com/

47: Earn your bachelor’s degree for $15,000 in only two years with Hillary Harshman

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