Coffee Conversations

The Power in Coffee Conversations

Are you looking for a way to beat depression, network with others, and/or be more intentional in your life?

Try meeting someone for coffee!

Having a social gathering over coffee can have a positive effect on well-being, encourage brainstorming, and provide practice in being intentional.

• • • • • • • ► Coffee for relationships

As noted in a recent study¹, the social interaction of a coffee meetup can help lessen the severity of depression. I know I’ve been supported by knowing that much (if not all) of what I’m feeling is also felt by those around me. We all have struggles. And if the other person has not faced what I’m going through, just having the opportunity to share my thoughts lightens my load. As Frank Tyger says,

“If a person gives you his time, he can give you no more precious gift.”

• • • • • • • ► Brainstorming

Besides being encouraged through another’s company, the coffee shop is a great setting for brainstorming. If you tell me about trying a new exercise series on YouTube, I can tell you about my exercise routine and boom! We’ve both been encouraged to keep our goals and exercise on. (I love Jessica Smith’s workouts! You can find them on YouTube.)

If you already go on coffee dates regularly, ask yourself about the quality of those meetups. Are you providing value to your friend? Remember that you can bring value simply by using your listening ear.

On the flip side, are you gaining value as well? Does your coffee mate ask you questions and listen to your concerns and ideas? Do they allow you to contribute to the conversation?

• • • • • • • ► Setting the date

When I want more conversation in my life, I remind myself to be intentional and make time for it. I schedule time even when I feel too busy. The more intentional we are about having time for conversation, the more we can reap the benefits of community.

Brewing up a coffee date isn’t hard, but it does require planning and intention. It’s these moments that give life joy. The modest coffee date packs the power to be a mood-lifter, a networking opportunity, and a way to bring intention into life.

• • • • • • • ► Giveaway

With the goal of encouraging more coffee dates, I’m hosting a giveaway on Instagram (winners have been announced!) for two $15 coffee gift cards from Strada Coffee or Starbucks. Cheers to your next brew!!


¹ “Somebody to lean on: Social relationships predict post-treatment depression severity in adults” by Mats Hallgren, Andreas Lundin, Fwo Yi Tee, Bo Burström, and Yvonne Forsell,

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