FAQ #16

Q: Which CLEP test should I start with?

A: For your first CLEP test, choosing a subject you enjoy is always a good idea. Also, choosing a test in which you learn and practice skills that you will be using later is handy. I will risk throwing out a few specific CLEP titles, but do consider other CLEP titles that play to your strengths.

Analyzing and Interpreting Literature– Do you enjoy reading and answering questions about what you read? You might find this a breezy way to earn three credits.

College Composition– Enjoy writing essays? If you know how to coherently put your thoughts on paper or you want to develop this skill, taking this test first or early in college will strengthen your prose for other writing assignments throughout college. If writing is not your strong point, this would still be an okay first test; just allow yourself plenty of time to prepare. College Composition is a six-credit test.

Language tests– While I strongly feel that a language test is not the best first test for those who are just learning a language, a language test can be the perfect first test for fluent speakers. You can earn up to nine credits.

Principles of Management– Since I haven’t taken this test, I mention it based only on reviews I’ve read. Not surprisingly, it seems to be an easier test for students with management experience or background. The test is worth three credits.


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